How to minimize pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents are increasing with every passing year. In 2012,76,000 pedestrians were injured and 4,743 pedestrians were killed in the USA only. In 2013, 4, 735 pedestrians were killed and 66, 000 were injured. In every two hours, one pedestrian is dying and in every seven minutes, one pedestrian is getting injured as the result of the accident. Though the number of fatalities is decreasing since the last couple of years, but the number of the accident is increasing. To avoid such accidents, you need to be careful while being on the road. You can consider the following facts to reduce the possibility of the risk and to make your journey safe.


How to minimize the risk

• Always walk along a designated path if it is available.

• Walk on a sidewalk.

• If there is no sidewalk or designed path then walk alongside the shoulder of the highway against the flow of traffic.

• Avoid any distraction such as electronic devices and cell phones.

• Do not go by the thought that the driver can see you. Instead, guide yourself and wait for the vehicle to slow down before crossing.

• Follow traffic rules so that your behavior will be predictable. Always cross at crosswalks and avoid jaywalking

• Wear bright clothes to come to the notice of the driver.

• Do not forget to carry a flashlight while walking at night.

Who is more vulnerable?

In most cases, it is observed that the children of five to fifteen years of age group are more at risk. Generally, people of this age group suffer from more accidents than others. Some risk factors cases are given below which is why you will want to set up a free consultation with a click here now.

Senior Citizen

Senior citizens who are above sixty years of age are more susceptible. They are accounted for twenty percent of all pedestrian death and nine percent of the pedestrian accident injuries in 2012.


Children in the five to fifteen years of age group are also at the risk. They do not know the traffic rules properly and become the sufferer in ignorance.

Those who have consumed alcohol

This is applicable for both the drivers and pedestrians. If any of them is under the influence of the alcohol then the possibility of the accident is more. Moreover, alcohol consumption is one of the major causes of the road accidents.


Who is responsible for these accidents and fatalities?

You will not find a single reason. Many causes contribute to this problem. Some of the major are unsafe pedestrian behavior, environment, vehicle and driver factors, and ignorance of traffic rules. Some other causes of the pedestrian accidents are the followings.

• Drunken driving

• Aggressive driving

• Speed in residential areas

• Public Intoxication

• Vehicle-vehicle traffic collision

• Street racing

• Unusual behavior of the pedestrian

• Ignorance of the traffic rule

Unless all the above problems are not taken seriously, the risk will be there. While being on the road, it is the responsibility of all the vehicle drivers and pedestrian to obey the traffic rules and to give the safety factor the highest priority forgetting that the opposite site is observing your behavior and will drive accordingly. That is not a safe and right attitude. You should first think about your safety without bothering about other’s point of view. If you will be careful about your behavior then the free legal consultation can be avoided or the possibilities can be minimized. Below are some of the behaviors of the pedestrians that cause the accidents.

Pedestrian Behavior

The unsafe and unpredictable behavior of the pedestrian is one of the major reasons of the pedestrian accidents which is why you might need a see our site online. According to a research report, in 7,000 vehicle-pedestrian crashes, pedestrians were at fault in eight percent of the accidents. This is something shocking. This is not about the USA only, if you will go through the statistics of other countries, you will find more or less similar reports. In the UK, ninety percent pedestrians are responsible for pedestrian- vehicle accidents. Hence, the pedestrian needs to be more careful while being on the road. Pedestrians’ jaywalking is another cause of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Any kind of illegal street-crossing is known as jaywalking. Some of the examples of the jaywalking are given below.

• Walking against the pedestrian walk signal

• Crossing a road outside of the marked crosswalk

• Crossing a road when there is no crosswalk (midblock crosswalk)

• Walking on the road along with the traffic flow

In addition to the jaywalking, there are some other pedestrian behaviors that also contribute to the pedestrian accidents. Some of them are the followings.

• Working on a parked car

• Walking on the road along with the traffic flow without using the designed pedestrian pathways

• Walking in a wrong direction

• Failing to yield

• Pushing a disabled car

• Leaning on a parked car

• Standing on the road

• Standing between parked cars

• Talking over the phone while walking


These are some of the causes of the Cali firm. This is the problem of both the rural and urban areas. But if you will make a comparison then the number will be high in rural areas.

Driven behavior, alcohol consumption, and pedestrian behavior are three key factors of pedestrian accidents. In addition to that, physical environment contributes to this cause as well.

How physical environment contribute to these accidents

The physical structure of a city sometimes encourages the pedestrians to cross the roads in unsafe conditions. Below are the some of the examples.

In the absence of midblock crosswalks

As mentioned above, midblock crosswalks are one of the reasons of the pedestrian accidents. In some cases, pedestrians are forced to cross a road where there is crosswalk to avoid any delay and to reach the destination in time. Moreover, midblock crosswalks are available in most of the major cities and people use them for their benefits. And it has resulted in the fifty-five percent of the pedestrian fatalities.

Narrow Roads

Narrow roads are also responsible for the unpredictable pedestrian behavior and it many cases, it leads to accidents.

Fast crossing signal

Fast crossing signals are another reason of pedestrian accidents as pedestrians find less time to cross the road and to reach in the safe place. If you you will need to hire a free legal consultation online.

Above are the some of the facts and results of the pedestrian accidents. These accidents can be minimized by the collective effort of the pedestrian, drivers, and concerned authorities.

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